What I’m currently doing:
I’m developing various projects within the intersection of nature, mindfulness and the arts.

I see in my future:
Earth, flow and a more peaceful world. I’m currently involved in the creation of meditation books and nature sounds, while I brainstorm about other seeds I would like to grow. 

To make these projects happen:
I would like to get more organized with achievable deadlines and become more clear about what I can give and what I cannot give.

To make this work:
I would like  to connect with others that are interested in being involved in similar projects and to set realistic goals.

What I like to give others:
Hope, positivity and nourishment (possibly cakes once I get an oven… :)

My guilty pleasure:
Is to watch The Great British Baking Show and to see people get wet in the rain, just a few drops of water can bring a theatric zest into the streets :p


In short
Karen currently creates meditation books and nature sounds, and loves the theatric zest a good rainfall can bring to the streets